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Yoda Stories

Game Boy » Action Video Games » Amazon.com, LLC *** KEEP PORules ACTIVE ***

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Dec 22, 1999

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Grab your lightsaber, young Jedi, and get ready for Star Wars adventuring in Yoda Stories. Assume the role of Luke Skywalker as he trains with Yoda to become a Jedi Knight. Harness the Force and travel across the galaxy to collect devices and weapons, and battle fearsome enemies. Yoda will guide you through 10 levels and many puzzle-based missions where you will meet exotic aliens, explore maps, and deal the Galactic Empire one crippling blow after another.

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User Review

bad game this is

the only reason i played this game was because my friend said it was an ok game. i shut it off in less than 5 minutes. do they expect us to defeat the enemies? seriously it was IMPOSSIBLE. what was lucasarts thinking. its so not like them to create a crappy game that was actually recent. BUY THE ROGUE SQUADRON OR KOTOR (knights of the old republic). they are a much more entertaining and give you more for your buck. thank you.

cheep out on bujet lucas did

Yoda is like hot.The game is crap, but yoda is a hotty. I meen yoda is like so hot.WARRNING don't buy this game. Yoda is like so hot.

Luke better lay off the doughnuts, or get better graphics.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Very cheesy, you don't even walk, you just appear on another spot. the enemys just wal-I mean ,appear at you, and ow. Ugly... characters, luke... fat... bad guys... FAT..EVERYTHING FAT AND DEFROMED!!!You only attack with lightsaber, appear at bad fat/blob guy and attack, sometimes it doesn't even respond, blob bad guy just disapear.Yoda say: don't buy this game, you must.AGGHHHHHAAA!!!! I don't mean to critisize starwars so badly, but this game is just horrible!

my eyes! my eyes!!!!

when i played this at my friends house, i thought "hey, the movies are good, the game sounds pretty fun!" but then i turned it on... "wait a minute! kyle, i move so slow and i cant...control...myself...what the heck is that? my character is...a.....blob! must...turn...it off....so i did, and i told my friend never ever bring it over again. a word of caution: if u don't want a handful of frustration, confusion, and difficulty, DONT GET THIS GAME!!


This game has a good plot but every time you press a button the screen flickers. It's weapons is pretty caught up......... For the second century! When you find something you have to spend 5 min. to find where it's used! A slow painful game.

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