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Wii Nunchuk Cord Free Wireless Adaptor

Nintendo Wii » Action Video Games » Nyko

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Mar 15, 2008

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Let Nyko make your Nunchuk Cord-Free. The Cord-Free is a unique wireless adaptor for the Wii Nunchuk that easily converts your wired Nunchuk in to a wireless peripheral for your Wii remote. The ergonomic sleeve easily holds and organizes the Nunchuk, cable and batteries providing a compact, clean and convenient conversion system for the Nunchuk. Once the Nunchuk is inserted in the sleeve, you can now enjoy full wireless freedom with all your favorite Wii games without the hassle of any wires tethering your hands together. The Cord-Free is powered by 2 AAA batteries which provide up 60 hours of play time and has a wireless range of up to 15 feet. The Cord-Free is the best solution to get the most freedom from your wired Nunchuks.

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User Review

good value

Was a little difficult to get remote to recognize at first. Several tries to insert batteries and turn on and off. Works fine and makes some games easier. No wrist strap on adaptor so you'll need to be aware.

Does what it should

I recommend this adaptor if you want to make your nunchuk wireless without buying an extra nunchuk. The only problem I've had is that the piece that plugs into the remote has fallen out a couple of times, but that's fixed easily by pushing it in a little harder. The only real downside is that I haven't been able to make it work with the Wii Motion Plus.
If you want a wireless nunchuk and actually want to buy an extra nunchuk, I recommend Wii Kama Wireless Controller.

Pretty good

The wireless adapter is a good piece of merchandise.

I have used this for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Dead Space: Extraction and Muscle March.
It worked great for Twilight Princess and Dead Space: Extraction. Muscle March is a game where you need to have fast reflexes with both the nunchuk and the Wiimote and I can't tell whether the wireless was part of the reason why the game was as challenging as it was. However, regarding wireless lag, there doesn't seem to be any.

It does take 2 AAA batteries so I suggest that you get some rechargeables. Since the batteries are stored at the bottom, the nunchuk becomes a little bottom heavy. Not so heavy that you struggle to hold it, but heavy that it makes waggling the nunchuk left to right a little bit more sluggish. I am sure though with more use, this can be adapted to.

Now, onto the biggest problems.

Biggest problem: The wireless dongle that attaches to the Wiimote is loose( tested with 2 Wiimotes). So loose that I can pull it out without pushing down the 2 nobs on the side. This is very troubling to me because I like to over-exaggerate my hand/arm movements and I get worried that the dongle will fall off.

Fix: So far the only fix I could find was using a rubber band from the very front of the Wiimote to the back of the dongle. It is a good fix however.

Second biggest problem: You cannot use this with the silicon sleeve unless you do some snipping at the base of it. Some people don't worry about this but I personally like to keep the sleeve on.

Last problem: The 2 bright blue LED's on this accessory are very annoying. They blink quite often and the nunchuk LED is pretty strong.

Fix: I had an over abundance of rubber bands so I decided to cover up the LED's with those. It works pretty good too.

Final opinion: There are a few modifications you need to make and some getting used to, but for most games it should work great.

Well worth the money works great!

I purchased two of these wireless Nunchuk adaptors at $15.99 I really had nothing to lose. Man was I surprised, they are remarkable. I got them for just one game, EA SPORTS Active More Workouts.

I wasn't sure if they would work due to the high action and speed of the workouts but they worked better than expected. No Lag between moves and best yet no more wires. They work in all my Wii games. I would recommend if you going to buy a wireless Nunchuk adapter here it is, less than $16.00.

Not worth the money

It works...at times...with certain games. When it works, it's neat, but not necessary. Just doesn't work with every game...in my experience. I never use it.

Additional info for Wii Nunchuk Cord Free Wireless Adaptor


Converts the wired Nunchuk into a wireless peripheral. Provides lag-free wireless connection between Nunchuk and Wii Remote

Wireless technology supports Nunchuk up to 15 feet from Wii Remote. Two AAA batteries provide up to 60 hours of gameplay.

Cord management system keeps Nunchuk cord hidden

Unique sleeve holds Nunchuk, cord and batteries in compact, easy-to-use setup

Self-standing sleeve provides easy storage of Nunchuk