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Game Boy » Action Video Games » THQ (PC Games)

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Date Released: Dec 28, 1999

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Before the Game Boy Color, one-player hands of Uno were pretty rare. Thanks to this game, however, a quorum is no longer needed. Just like the popular color- and number-matching card game, players must whittle their sets of cards down to that trim number, one, and even lose that if they're to win. This version of the game also brings colorful animation, sound, and a new variant--Challenge Uno--to the game. You don't have to play alone, though--you can connect to a friend's copy of the game through the separately sold Game Link cable.

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User Review

Can't sleep at night without it!!!

I love this game and the cards don't get lost. I play everynight before bed and take it on business trips with me. I get really sleepy watching the cards move and find it relaxing. More so than a meditation tape. Easy for my children to play.


I bought mine used from "hope9wizard". I received my game under a weeks time. thankyou hope... for speedy response time - folks go ahead ahead buy any games from them. Now the game is real cool it has several variations on playing the original Uno. I love it. two thumbs up.

Classic game you can play by yourself...

It took me a while to find this game and I must say that it was well worth the search! The game is played the same way as the classic card game except that you can play alone. It is so addictive, I found myself playing an hour at a time and GBC Uno would make an ideal travel game.

There is an option to play regular Uno or Challenge Uno, which plays like regular Uno but is scored differently. There are 3 additional decks to choose from. Be forwarned though that it can be a bit hard for some to read the numbers on the cards with the other decks. You can choose 2-4 players, difficulty level, speed that the cards are played and score total, which can be set from 100-2000 points. There is also an option to turn off both the music and the effects which are cute but can be a bit long. If you want to keep the flow of the game smooth running I suggest turning off the effects.

Overall this is an exciting and fun, addictive game that will keep you occupied, probably more than you like, and the best part of it all is that you can play by yourself! Enjoy!


Great game! Our kids love this card game!

Our kids love this card game & knew that the gameboy game would be a hit...I was right! They now can play together on the gameboy or alone against the gameboy it's self. I found myself playing it for 30 minutes!! There are fun themes from Groovy to Western. If you have Uno fans with a Gameboy this is the game for them!!

Excellent Game for the Price

If you enjoy UNO, this game is for you. I don't care at all for the animations, but everything else is just great. Give it a try, you can't beat the price. Excellent game for travel.

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