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Tribes 2

Linux Games » Loki Entertainment Software

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Date Released: Jan 1, 1970

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Think you've seen it all when it comes to first-person action? Looking for a challenge that will leave you quaking in your shoes and gaping at its unreal graphics? Try this on for size: Imagine you and more than 50 others duking it out in vast, breathtaking environments, indoors and outdoors, high and low. Use all-new weapons, operate more vehicles, and adapt to the dynamic weather conditions to obliterate tribes that stand in your way.

Try that with your average first-person shooter.

And that's not all. Tribes 2 for Linux brings all of the innovations of Sierra Studios' revolutionary game to your favorite operating system. With a myriad of weapons, missions, play modes, vehicles, community-building features more, Tribes 2 will satisfy even the most hard-core gamers. And with the most gorgeous graphics you've ever seen, Tribes 2 is a first-person gaming masterpiece.

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