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Tomb Raider

Game Boy » Action Video Games » SPIG

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Jun 8, 2000

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It has long been the fantasy of many teenaged gamers to get their hands on video gaming goddess Lara Croft. Now they'll get their chance--well, sort of--with the Game Boy Color version. The action-adventure game Tomb Raider is finally arriving on the pocket-sized system--sans the 3-D environments and heroine.

Consider this Tomb Raider Light. While we haven't had a chance to properly review this game yet, all early previews indicate that the 3-D classic has been redesigned as a solid 2-D action platform title. We do know that the Game Boy Color has never looked so appealing.

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User Review


Lara Croft on the tiny screen does some amazing things in a mighty small arena -- in the first half dozen panels of this sidescroller, she walks, runs, somersaults, jumps, grabs, pulls levers and shoots (with her magic Hollywood Special pistol that never runs out of ammo) scorpions, bats and snakes, and saves game at the first Silver Crystal to come along, with another crystal tantalizingly visible just beyond reach. It truly is amazing. The effect is like reading the Classic Comics version of Tomb Raider 3 -- lots of temples and jungles action, and every plot point and traditional Tomb Raider gimmick represented (or at least suggested) in the frame. Don't get me wrong, it's not a movie (even the "movies" are comic-style panels with dialog between still frames), and the graphics are primitive -- but Ms. Croft is rendered with character and flexibility intact. We get sucked into the game almost immediately, putting the GBC Tomb Raider (aka "The Nightmare Stone" but the 4-color printed paper label on this dark green transparent gamepak just says "Tomb Raider") in the same company as Link's Awakening. I was delighted to collect this, and even more delighted with the unexpected level of play.

Tomb Raider

Just received the used game it was in mint condition.
My son loves it and you've made him very happy! Thank
you so much. I would order more stuff again; very
satisfied with package and game.

Great but challenging

This game is really good! It is challenging, but come on no one wants a five minute game! I have beat the game once, but it is has a nice length, so I can play again without being bored.

My 7 year old sister even thinks it's fun! All my friends think this game is superb also!


Easy but fun

I thought that this Tomb Raider game was much easier than the rest of them, but still equally fun. It's all in 2D and you have to go through puzzles, mazes, caves, etc. It's a great game to buy for any Tomb Raider or action adventure fans.

Lots of hype, but very poor game

Lara looks like a stick insect and there are so many moves and controls it's very confusing. Also, i didn't even know where to go and the enemies are stupid. Do not go out and buy this, either hire it first or don't bother at all.

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