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Tales of Phantasia

Game Boy Advance » Role Playing Games » Nintendo

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Sep 8, 2006

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Tales Of Phantasia is a classic-style RPG with a real-time battle system, for a new kind of action. When young swordsman Cress Albane finds his home village destroyed and his parents killed, Cress sets off on an adventure to find those responsible. In his efforts to uncover those behind this evil deed, Cress soon finds himself on a mission that will take him back and forth through time.

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User Review


With an extremely clunky, unresponsive battle-system and one of the poorest paced and written stories I have seen, this game should not be nearly as revered as it is by its fanbase.

An NES Classic born again on the GBA

The first tales game I ever played was Tales of Symphonia and boy did I love it! Then I got Tales of The Abyss and loved it equally as much. Then a few Christmases ago I got Tales of Phantasis and well it has its ups and downs.
As some of you may know Taales of Phantasia was the first game in the series that was released on the SNES only in Japan but it came to the US later on the PS1. The storyline is great and the battle system is unique atleast it was at the time. The characters are cute but not exactly ones you'd feel an attachment to. The story begins as a quest for revenge as two boys' village is destroyed and their loved ones killed. This eventually leads one of the boys back in time where he meets a variety of friends and foes including the game's main villian Dhaos but that's all I'll reveal to prevent totally spoiling everything.
Gameplay is pretty basic for an RPG. You go through towns and dongeons fighting monsters and collecting treasure nothing new in that area. The battle system like I said is pretty unique though other reviewers have said it can be slow and laggy at times and I agree. Another thing that I agree with is that the voice acting is really bad. It's hard to understand most of what the characters say and the music isn't all that great either.
Other than those flaws it's a pretty good game and if your a tales fan you'll mostlikely enjoy playing the first game in the series. One thing I did notice was that this game has many similarities to Tales of Symphonia. Seriously it's like it's prequal though it's only about half as long. Despite the game's bad voices and sometomes slow battles I'm glad they brought this game over to the US so that we can experience the origin of the series. This is also a good game to keep you busy on long trips and stuff and is in my opinion one of the best RPGs for the GBA. So if you want a good RPG that'll keep you busy on long trips I highly recommend this game. Though it may not be as thrilling as other tales games it's still an excellent RPG for the GBA.

Not Worth that $50

This is the GBA verison and not PSP or PlayStation. This game, by its old graphics and poor redone voice-acting is not worth the price. The Playstation/PSP version has better voice-acting, cut-scenes and the graphics are MUCH better. That version also has the option of listening to the game sounds in a "radio" feature. This is a cheap, "redone" version without any of the original or additional features. The graphics are a cheap mixture between PS1 and SNES. The battle sprites the shape of the snes but the dumped colors of the PS1.

As far as pricing goes it is a rip-off. This game can be brought at a MUCH cheaper price, but why buy this when the PlayStation version is better? I literally brought this game used for 5 bucks. Plus often-times the game will "slow" down during battle, even playing on a DS Lite. Not to mention the annoying crayola bright-light graphics. The original is superb in the smoothness of the fighting. Why has the GBA been released as though the original game was a "slow-down" is a mystery.

It is highly suggested to get the original game for SNES or the PSP port. Avoid this rushed, poorly redone version of a good franchise.

Phantaia: The Tales series

I think that this was an alright game. I know the graphics were a lot better on the PSP versiob than the previous versions of Tales of Phantasia.

In the PSP version, I know that they have added some new content and some new skits. But, the game boy game is still a lot of fun! Some of the game characters were pretty funny.

The battle system was kind of difficult a little to handle. I didn't really like how the battle system was like. Other tales game seem to have much better battle systems.

Overall, I really liked the story that the game had, and the characters each had their own personalities and good/bad qualities. Just like in the other tales games.

The animation scenes were not very graphical, but as it was for the game boy, they did a nice clean job so far.
At the end of the game, after beating the game, there is a gradeshop so that you can play the game over again with more added stuff you can buy in the gradeshop like the other tales games have.

You can play the game on a harder difficulty and it will make it a more challenging game the second time you play it. Overall I give this game a 3 because of it's great story and the characters I like. The battle system was ok, like I stated before, but it's not as good comparing to the other tales games. Especially ones for the other consoles. But it's a great 2D game.

A great Tales game gone bad...

Before I got Tales of Phantasia in March 2006, I didn't know anything about it. This is the first game in the series, and of course it's a port of the original SFC version. Coming from that, you'd think it'd be alright, but it's not.

To start off with, the "voices" in this game are horrible! Absolutely the worse. You can't understand what they say half the time, and they just sound really bad. It wouldn't have killed whoever localized this to get a few decent VAs. The story was a good one, but with a few errors, this also includes the "voices". It changed Ragnarok to "Kangaroo". Wow...what a mistake. To make things worse, they butchered Klarth's name, changing it to Claus. EWW!

The battle system is a fairly good one. Sure, you don't get Maunal mode until late in the game, but it's alright. Some of the tech names are wrong (Glaive and "Judgment"), and of course there are those darn spell pauses. If you can handle that, then it's ok.

The characters are pretty good. You have Cress, your traditional knight, Mint, your traditional healer, Chester, your archer, Arche your primary spellcaster (among other things...), Klarth, your other spellcaster, and Suzu, a ninja, but she's optional. Personally, I absolutely fell in love with Mint. This may be a crappy English port, but at least they did SOME things right.

Overall, it's not a bad game. If you can endure the horrible "voices", kinda slow battle system, and horrible dubbing then it's pretty decent. So, I give the English version of Tales of Phantasia a 3 out of 5. It's something a new Tales fan should try out. After all, this IS the sequel to Tales of Symphonia.

Additional info for Tales of Phantasia


Unique Linear Motion Battle System allows player to battle in real time and attack enemies, without the use of menus

Crack open the Monster Dictionary to view the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies you've met in battle

New game events, dialogue sequences and other features that enhance the adventure

Innovative Cooking System allows you to collect ingredients and recipes to brew up meals that restore your health and magic