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Super Why! The Power to Read

Linux Games » Trivia » Topics Entertainment

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Date Released: Jul 15, 2010

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Kids everywhere have been inspired to get reading with the pbs kids television show super why! and now learning the alphabet, spelling, phonics, rhyming and reading is even more fun with super why! the game! four exciting fairy tale adventures teach literacy and let your child interact with the super readers: help whyatt calm a tantrum-throwing giant, stop the big bad wolf with alpha pig, get wonder red to grandma’s house and fix princess presto’s problem so she can get some rest!

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Additional info for Super Why! The Power to Read


Featuring Super Why!, Wonder Red, Alpha Pig and Princess Pea

Play 4 multi-level games that make learning to read fun

Explore Storybrook Village and interact with the Super Readers

Go on adventures in classic fairy tales

Learn spelling, phonics, letter recognition, rhyming and more