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Date Released: Oct 21, 2003

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It's you against the mountain. SSX 3 challenges gamers to drop in and conquer a massive, living mountain rife with ego-crushing challenges and gravity-bending thrills. Sporting an all-new open-ended gameplay structure, gamers are free to ride anywhere gravity takes them, seamlessly boarding from one event to the next as they begin their assault on the mountain's three larger-than-life peaks.

Gamers will need to overcome everything the mountain throws at them-from fierce lightening storms and breathtaking vertical drops to serpentine slope style courses and earth-swallowing avalanches-on their quest for the ultimate adrenaline rush. The mountain presents gamers with a world of open vistas and fresh powder for out of bounds exploration, filled with trick venues, rail parks, racecourses, and half-pipes with new tricks to master and new competitors to leave in the dust.

More than two years in the making, SSX 3 is a massive sequel to SSX and SSX Tricky, the games that started the EA SPORTS BIG brand. Buckle up your bindings as a returning veteran or fresh-faced rookie. Get ready to take on other riders-and the biggest challenge yet-the Mountain itself.

Key Features

  • Conquer the Mountain: The larger-than-life mountain is your playground, your racetrack and your launch pad. Three massive peaks offer thrilling new opportunities for exploration, competition, and good old-fashioned showboating. Beat all three peaks and you're in for an epic half-hour ride down the face of the entire mountain.
  • Go Anywhere: No menus. No restrictions. The mountain is an open canvas for gamers to explore-seamlessly ride from event to event, with no load times and no set path for gamers to follow. Hundreds of collectables, secrets, and shortcuts await.
  • More Tricks: Gamers will have access to a massive arsenal of new Uber Tricks and special moves-from handplants to board presses. A new three-tiered Uber Trick system now includes one-footed Ubers, rail-based tricks and signature moves for each character. A new combo system allows for nearly endless combos that can run the length of the entire mountain.
  • Characters: Four new characters join six returning favorites. Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon, and Kaori are back, and they're joined by the crazy Swede Viggo, mountain man Nate, 12 year-old phenom Griff, and the talented and sexy Allegra.
  • Rich, Natural Graphics: A team lead by an Oscar-nominated visual effects artist has created the most immersive, stunning visual SSX experience to date. Capturing moments of both sublime scenic beauty and heart-pounding natural disaster, SSX 3 blends subtle environmental effects like glistening snow and swaying trees with the trademark SSX graphic flash and attitude.
  • Soundtrack: An adrenaline-charged soundtrack delivers bleeding-edge tracks and tomorrow's hits from artists including the X-Ecutioners, Felix Da Housecat, Queens of the Stone Age, N.E.R.D., and many more.
  • Big Challenges: Gamers will find 150 unique hidden challenges, designed to test their speed, skill and style as they explore untamed backcountry areas.
  • Customization and Rewards: Win BIG and you'll be rewarded. SSX 3 let's players level up character abilities, win killer gear, stock their trophy room and buy mp3s for personal play lists and much, much more.

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User Review

my kids and i can snowboard..lol

my kids wanted this game....but i got addicted to playing with them.... great family entertainment.

ssx3_used working 100%

I bought this game because I had played it on PS2. its different playing with a game cube controller, but still alot of fun.
the game showed up a day earlier then shipping stated. and works fine. i cant ask for more.

okay but my frend LOVES IT. a review by alex age 10

Its okay i meen it is fun but not super fun the only times i play the game is wen my frend named katey comes over then wee play for a long time. you can dominate slopestyle big alr and super pipe. THER IS MORE MUSIC by fat boy slim n.e.r.d. and soooo much more. You can go off clifs and take short cuts and go on homes. so it looks like its you against the MOUNTAIN FOR NOW GOOD BYE.

Best game I have

This is a really fun game. There are lots of things to do on it, like Half Pipe, Racing, and freestyle. There are a lot of different courses to go on, and when you've finished peak one, you go on to peak two, and then peak three. It's not too easy, and it isn't so hard that you get frustrated and don't want to play it anymore. The controls aren't hard to remember, like in some games. I would definately buy this game again, and it is great for most ages.

30-minute Mountain is Best Time Waster Ever

I'm not too big on racing games and had a bad experience with 1080 for N64, so snowboarding wasn't on the top of my list either. I played SSX Tricky and got a feel for it, so when SSX3 came out I decided to give it a shot. It's by far one of the best games I've ever played on the GameCube!

You get pretty adapted to the controls fairly quickly and landing tricks couldn't be easier, all you have to do is make sure the board is the first thing to touch the ground. All the tricks are so insane that it makes real life snowboarding look dull.

The best part is when you unlock the All-Mountain Race. You're given 30 minutes to board from the top of Peak 3, through all the racing levels in the game, and to the bottom of Metro City. I don't know how they did it, but you actually snowboard for a full thirty minutes straight without running into any load screens, so it reall feels like all the racing levels are attached to one continuous mountain. Whenever I take a study break I pop in this game and do the All-Peak Race, trying to finish it even faster than the previous time. It's definitely worth the money.

Additional info for SSX 3


Get dropped onto the lower peak of the biggest mountain you've ever seen. You'll seamlessly board from one awesome area to the next-entering competitions, taking on Big Challenges, and discovering hidden collectables.

Four new rivals join six returning characters. Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon, and Kaori are back, and they're joined by the crazy Swede Viggo, mountain man Nate, 12 year-old phenom Griff, and the talented and sexy Allegra.

SSX3 boasts amazing graphics that show details like incredibly realistic shadows and snow that sparkles, reflects light, and even blows in the wind.

There is a collection of new Uber Tricks where users can combo and hold.

You'll earn medals and trophies to fill up your trophy room & level up your riders' abilities through a deeper attribute system.