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SpongeBob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants

PlayStation2 » Adventure Games » THQ

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Sep 8, 2006

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Bikini Bottom is abuzz! The producers of everyone's favorite superhero show, "The Adventures of Mermaidman & Barnacleboy," are filming a special episode in Bikini Bottom and using the locals as actors. All your favorites are desperate to impress the talent scouts who have created a series of action-packed challenges to test the wannabe stars. Join SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabas and Plankton as you compete against your friends for 10 different roles, including the coveted super villain role.

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User Review

A lot of fun, but can be tough

This is a very fun game for it's target audience, and I know that since I'm 11 ( A nerd though, so don't completely think this'll be good for everyone)!!! This game can be really fun weather playing alone or with friends!! The levels can be tough, though, and I wouldn't recommend this game to little kids. But then again, people play games n to challenge and entertain themselves, not to beat it in an hour!!

Moving on to the concept of the game, you play as a Spongebob character trying to get a part in a Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy episode. Each level has three short mini-games, and the character that does the best in them gets a part in the movie. The person with the most points at the end gets to be the supervillain ( cause' EVERYONE wants to play the supervillain!). You start off in Bronze mode, and when you defeat that you go onto silver and gold. I'm, honestly, still in early silver (It was lost in my closet for a couple years!) so I don't know the difference between the modes.

Anyway, it's a good game, but I wouldn't recommend it to seven and below (There's an exception for certain children. I was playing harder games at 5). Because of it's abnormal toughness, I would rate it E 10+, but that dosen't matter.

I hope this review was helpful. But keep in mind that I'm part of the minority with everything, so not everyone will agree.

I'm not sure it's for kids, per se.

Well, I don't know if I'm the one to be doing this review, my son is 7 and doesn't know how to type, but I can say that after playing it with him last night, I could give a fair review. It's kinda tough, and very confusing at first. I guess after playing it for sometime you get used to what you have to do, but, my 7 year old won't play it if it's too, too hard. I don't blame him. Games shouldn't be too complicated. He really likes the Crash Tag Team Racing for PS2. I recommend that one over this one. As far as the other Spongebob games, Battle for Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob the Movie, and Revenge of the Flying Dutchman were much better games. This one is just too chaotic for kids.

the hardest spongebob game ever

I can only access 3 levels in this game and they are very hard to win. I won some levels and I can never get to other levels.

Very Long Loading Time....

This game has entertained my 11 and 6 year old for two days, but I have to say, it is not amoung the greats. The game is simple to play, and beat, but the loading times are excessively long, especially since the graphics are not that wonderful. The end result is you get to have parts in a movie that is being filmed, and the person with the most popularity points gets to be the supervillain in the end of the movie. It is slightly confusing because they play the clips out of order as you beat the levels, but my biggest complaint is the loading time...everything has to load...everything.

The 10 Best Mini-games

1. Hook, Line, and Cheddar: a truly fun game where you leap from hook to hook collecting cheese and dodging tubes.
2. Order up: unique 2 on 2 game where one person is a cook in the Krusty Krab and the other is a waiter. work togethet to make orders.
3. Rope Burn: this maybe be a hard game, but its very fun. put bateries in conveyor belts to help climber.
4. Breakin Out: a game that can go crazy. free prisoners from the jail while avoiding spotlights.
5. Tethered and Weathered: weird game yet fun. one player is a kite while the other must collect clams the kite player drops.
6. Rock Bottom: most people who have this enjoy this game. rock out with different instruments.
7. Jig on the Brig: fun and simple dance game where you must copy Squilliam's dance pattern.
8. Blistering Barnacles: like RB, this is a hard yet fun game. basically you and your teammate are window cleaners.
9. Goo-Ladiators: similar to the Crash Bash polar games, knock your oppenets off the platforms to gain points.
10. Machine Meltdown: tag team game where you must fix the food making machines at the Chum Bucket.

honorable mentions: Inflatable Pants, Mother of Pearl, Weight and Sea, Flippin Out, and Seahorse Stampede

all of these 15 mini-games were the best

Additional info for SpongeBob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants


SpongeBob goes multiplayer for the 1st time! Play with up to 4 players in both a competitive and co-operative gameplay experience

Compete to earn roles in a 15-minute, full-fledged episode of The Adventures of Mermaidman & Barnacleboy

Your role changes depending on who plays and wins the game -- Play all 30 party-style games in classic SpongeBob-style madness

3 unique game modes (Story, Quick Game, and D.I.Y. Tournaments) provide endless variety of gameplay

Cross-game save system that will unlock special levels, characters and cheats across other Nickelodeon videogames