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SimCity 3000 Unlimited

Linux Games » Loki Entertainment Software

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Oct 6, 2000

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The citizens of the megalopolis are unhappy with Hizzoner. Crime is out of control. Traffic is clogging the city's main arteries. Pollution is soaring. And to top it all, the pro sports team is threatening to move to the next city unless they get that new stadium...but you can step in as the mayor and commissioner of this fine city and save the day with your planning and building skills!

The famous SimCity series from Maxis is now on its way to Linux at last! Now you can get down and dirty with zoning, energy consumption, crime control, and taxation, all in the hopes of keeping those finicky Sims happy in your metropolis -- or suffer their wrath at the ballot box. SimCity 3000 Unlimited is the latest installment in this classic series, and now you can play it on Linux and you can play it in 9 different languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish)!

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User Review

Have SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition for Windows & Mac when will Linux version come

I am a Windows XP turned Mac OS X user interested in trying Linux sometime soon and was pleased to discover SimCity 3000 Unlimited available for Linux. I wonder what distribution of Linux is this available for specifically? Also where can I find SimCity 4 for the Linux platform? I am moving away from Windows and don't want to get to attached to the Mac for gaming -- still want to use my PC for gaming once in a while but don't want to get too dependent on the monopolistic software giant in Redmond. Apple in the long run it can be argued is just as bad -- at least they embrace some open source technologies but Mac OS X is still proprietary. The salvation of PC gamers should be Linux. I do not even use Microsoft XBox systems for the same reasons I am trying to move away from Windows gaming. I will not upgrade to Vista and am content with my existing PC running XP and my Mac Mini with OS X Tiger. However, I am happy to add a Linux installation as well.

Any ideas where I can get a newer version of SimCity for Linux?



Great Game!

i am very happy to have gotten a good game for linux. it runs well. i had one small problem, but once i ran the update patch everything was smooth sailing. i play it quite a bit. like i said, GREAT GAME!


It's about what I expected, having played every previous iteration of this software. It's addictively fun.

Thank you, Loki, for porting it to Linux!





The grafik is much better in this game than it was in Sim city 2000. In this game thers a lot more buildings. You can choose between low- medium high density zones when you place the zones for building residental, comercial or industries. this makes it to al lot of variety in the buildings pops up later. There's anew systemfor taking cae of the citys garbage. otherwise the game is very much like the games before it. But i'd say it's a funny game. Very entertaining to see the city grow and expand before your eyes.

Sim theme park rocks!!!!!!!

The other ones were great and this one is great.I like new ways how to destroy your city.My friend has it also and he says it is great.It's really cool with the houses and stuff.

Minor changes have 'mayor' effect

Ever since the debut of the original simulator eons ago (I remember wasting countless hours on it on my Commodore 128) people have ritualistically purchased the next two versions. Both have been wonderful improvements. Although the basic format has been preserved from Sim City 2000, many details have been modified. The graphics in Sim City 3000 are much cleaner and detailed than its predecessor's. You also get to control trade with your neighbors, including deals for the sale and purchase of water, electricity, and garbage. That's right, garbage. In Sim City 3000 you must also manage landfills and trash-burning power plants to keep your city clean. You also have much more control over ordinances.

This time around, the game is also much more glitch-free. You should have less trouble building that road you want exactly where you want it. Also, a very disgusting aspect of Sim City 2000, the arcologies, has been removed. The problem with this is, they just vanish if you use the 'import' feature in Sim City 3000 to bring in your old cities. Oh well. Deal with maintaining a real city.

All in all a great game. The improvements aren't obvious at first, but play a bit and you'll see how much more enjoyable it is while still maintaining its classic touch.

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City simulation game for Linux

Captures the look and feel of SimCity 3000 perfectly

Great extended gameplay

Multiple play modes

For one player