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Silent Scope

Sega Dreamcast » Shooter Action » Konami

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Oct 24, 2000

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With the amount of ammunition players are expected to use in the average shooting game, one could just as well crush enemies under the weight of their spent shells. But not so for Silent Scope, where the plan is to drop the target with one squeeze of the trigger--even at hundreds of yards away. In this game, you're a highly trained sniper with the most advanced long-range weapon available, outfitted with night-vision scope and a laser sight. You'll line up your target while it's just a dot to the naked eye, then put the cross hairs on it in your long-range scope and make the kill.

In a variety of antiterrorist missions, Silent Scope will have you working on targets as varied as camouflaged foot soldiers and Harrier jets. A meter ticks off your opportunity to fire the shot, but you can sometimes buy a little more time by ringing a shot over the target's head. Since the element of surprise is the key to your profession, you'll need to learn to aim accurately and shoot quickly. Fortunately, the game includes a training mode to help you do just that.

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User Review

Good fast-paced action game

I have played and beaten the PS2 version of this game. It's very fast-paced action, which is the game's biggest asset. I would agree with the consensus that the game is not really worth full price since you can beat it very easily. I am a very casual gamer and it did not take me very long. You can play the 'Story' mode through in about 11 minutes. If you can pick up a used copy or rent it for a weekend, it is well worth it.

Good Game, but...

I have played Silent Scope a little bit, and I enjoy the graphics and the different senarios. One of the main reasons why I purchased the game was so that I had another game in which to use my light gun on (besides House of the Dead 2 which is a great game with the light gun), but I found out that the light gun doesn't work with the game. I was very disappointed. I was mislead into thinking that this first person shooter would allow me to use the gun, but it does not. Maybe it is the gun (but it works fine on HOTD2), I am not sure. I would be interested in hearing if other people had the same problem.

Silent [junk] fest

This was the best arcade game I have played. With that said it was the absolute worst game I have ever played on any system. It is near impossible to move your site on the bosses because they move way to fast if you want to buy this game i consider renting it first and decide.

intresting sniper game

i think this game is o.k. it's certainly not as fun as playing it in the arcade with a giant sniperrifle with a t.v. screen in the "scope". the game is extremely hard because it's hard to make the right shot with a really sensitive joystick.the gameplay is not all to good becaus there is only like 2 paths to choose besides training. some parts of the storyline are also pretty lame. who would sneak into a mansion using a sniper rifle to take down your enemies? a little bit fun to see how far your friends can get into the game but without the "quarters" like the arcade it's impossible to get to the end. good graphics, but not enough game. i hate to bash a video game, so i won't. The game is fun to wath with your friends, but there isn't to much to do in the game itself. please click whether this info was useful or not. thanks.

For hes a jolly good fellow....

This game is great. The graphics are great, and the control is easily used. Personally I used codes for this game and I cant imagine anyone on else beating it with out them. The bosses are impossible!!!! This game is really good but one thing still troubles me. HOW DO YOU BREAK THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS????????

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