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Quake: The Offering

Linux Games » Pearson Software

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User Review

re: dependencies

while i do not have this edition of the game (and its out of stock right now), i might offer a possible solution to the dependency problem... be gentle, i had no chance to try it with this constellation :)
redhat offers several compatibilty rpms which include libraries for use with programs linked against older versions. installing these does not alter your current libs. the packages are named compat-*.rpm, you will probably need one or more of *-libs-6.2-* , *-glibc-6.2-* , *-libstdc++-6.2 ...have a lot of fun...
you certainly will, once you get it to work...



One of the best!

Amazing, This game runs just as good or better than the windows version of the game. I have corel linux deluxe os and I had no problems with installation. Smooth, never had any slow downs on my 200 mhz machine with 64 megs ram. Highly recommended.

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