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Pony Friends

Nintendo DS » Virtual Pet » Eidos Interactive

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: May 29, 2007

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Pony Friends DS

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User Review

OK, but some Faults

I like the trails and all, but the animals look all deformed, and when you wash, brush, and clean your horses' hooves, you have to press the box to go back, shouldn't you go back without doing that?
But, in the long run, it's a great game for younger kids.

ok game

This game is ok. You play it for about 10 minutes a day to make your allowence, complete the riding task, and to take care of your pony. It is ok for young kids, like 7 to 9. You also might need to go to the store and that is about it. If you have young kids you should get it but not if it is over $20.

horse lovers

My daughter loves horses so I got her this game. It is fun but she gets tired of playing it fast

Finally got my pony!!!!

I am a 46 year old that had to try DS. I am not a gamer, but I love my Ds system. I absolutely love this game. It really makes me laugh at all you can do with the horses. Riding on the trails and taking pictures is a hoot. I've always wanted a pony and this is great, no cleanup!!! Enjoy.

i just dont understand

i bought this game cause i like ponys some reviewers say they have problem with money for those i have bought ten horses over the year and i never had problems with my money ever running out. i don't understand what you people are doing. i have about 6000 dollars and i play my game every single day and i never get tired of it

Additional info for Pony Friends


Brush your pony with the stylus to make sure it's the best-groomed pony in the stable

Clean your pony with shampoo and conditioner to give it a shiny coat

Find new trail entrances and hidden gifts by touching the screen on a trail ride

Spot animals on trail rides with the stylus

Use the stylus to write the name of your pony