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N64 Retro Bit Controller - Clear White

GameCube » Action Video Games » Retro-Bit

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Mar 16, 2009

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Experience the legendary retro Nintendo 64 entertainment system again with the Retro Bit N64 controller! This redesigned controller will improve your game play compared to the original controller!

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User Review


feels a bit funky compared to the original and the resistance on the joystick isn't quite the same but it works great otherwise.

For me, a waste of money.

I purchased this controller to use with my computer. I have an adapter that changes the standard N64 controller slot to a USB plug, but when windows tried to configure the controller, the controller thought one of the buttons was being constantly pressed, so it could not be calibrated, which means that the controller is absolutely worthless if you are planing to use it with a computer game. Don't make the mistake I made!

Real Deal Review

First of all, I bought 4 of these Nintendo 64 controllers. Bottom line, controllers are awesome. They work fine. Buttons aren't sticky, and the controllers can definitely take a beating. They're not gonna break on you. However, there is one complaint. A lot of people on here don't mention the sensitivity of the joystick. I own a brand new 64 controller made by Nintendo, so I know what the joystick is supposed to feel like. But even without the regular controller to compare to, the high sensitivity on the remade controllers is undeniably noticeable. I would recommend this controller to anyone that wants to play a game that ISN'T A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. The only time the sensitivity gets in the way is when playing games like Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, and anything requiring precision. For games like Banjo Kazooie, Mario, and Mortal Kombat, the controller works just fine. But the joystick is extremely sensitive on all four of my controllers. Other than that they work just fine. And for $8 you can't beat that. But if you're serious about playing FPS, I would recommend investing money in a more reliable controller.

It works, and its new

This controller is ok with practice. The control stick is VERY sensitive, and the grip takes a little bit to get used to. With some practice and use it is a good controller, and it looks nice, too. I am grateful for companies like Retro-Bit that make new products for older systems, and their products are almost always a good by.

Just what I was looking for.

I used to own an N64, and one of the flaws with that machine was the controller joystick. Use it enough and the thing eventually bends out of its original place, and then the controller doesn't work as well as it should and becomes useless for a lot of games. That made buying used controllers a no option. With this, the joystick was perfect, and even reminds me of a gamecube joystick, which is great. Although I no longer have my N64, I do have a cable that allows me to use the controller on my laptop for games, and even though it's not an official controller, it still works with that plugin.

Additional info for N64 Retro Bit Controller - Clear White


9 function buttons

Slow Motion Function

Precise 3D analog stick

Memory card slot

6 ft. long cable