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Medal of Honor Rising Sun

PlayStation2 » Adventure Games » Electronic Arts

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Nov 12, 2003

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The epic saga of World War II continues with Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. The war has shifted to the Pacific Theatre, and its outcome depends on you. Play as Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin in a far-reaching tale of two brothers that weaves its storyline from this title into the next game in the award-winning MOH franchise. As Japanese forces seek to expand their dominion over the Pacific, you must use stealth, commando tactics, and sabotage to turn the tide in your favor. Featuring real-life historical battles like Pearl Harbor and Guadalcanal, over 20 authentic WWII weapons, highly intelligent enemies, and a heroic cast of characters that fight on your side from level to level, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun delivers the standard-setting experience for all action games.

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User Review

Great, but short campaign

Great follow up to Frontline. The first real game to feature the Pacific theater on the ps2. The first two missions are two of the best of all time. I can't say the same about all the rest. There fun but not as fun as the first two. Multiplayer on this game is awesome. You can play either with friends or online or even just against cpus. Epic game just not many single player missions

i liked it, but too short

im not the average gamer, so i suck at all video games, but this one i beat in only four days because i stayed home sick from school.

there are only 9 missions, so it shouldnt take you long to beat it. the only mission i consider hard is the midnight raid on gualdalcanal level. its too dim so you cant see very well and random japanese soldiers shoot at you from trees behind leaves. you also run out of ammo a lot and end up having to open snipe people with your springfield (in 2-player mode i got a t-11. i dont know if you can get that in single player mode)

enemies & allies: the enemies are just plain stupid! they run at you with their guns and bayonnet you. i also takes 2 bayonnets until youre dead. its hard to shoot them since they randomly jump around like barney sometimes! other times they just stand there in the open waiting for you to shoot them. i got so bored i just went clubbing people with my gun! your allies are just as stupid as the japanese. they run right in the line of fire and dont do anything to help!

guns: i like all the guns except for the stupid springfield and t-99. the springfield is a sniper, and the point is a one shot kill, but yet it takes 3 shots to kill someone, even if youre shooting them right in the head! the t-99 takes like a whole round just to kill one dude, which is annoying since thats the weapon you use most of the time in supercarrier sabotage (last level). and even the bazooka can be annoying as you shoot like an inch away from someone, and they still dont die!

saving points: this is probably the best thing in the game. save points. there are about 3 of them in each level, and are very useful, especially when you get bayonnated, you dont have to the start the whole mission over, the only exception is in the level for the bridge of river kwaui or something, you have to do so much until a save point. :)

2-player co-op mode: this is awesome option in the game if you have a friend over, as medal of honor frontline didnt have multiplayer, this is a big improvement.

thats probably it. buy it or not. your choice



This is a great MOH game and it is one of my favorite today. It has ten missions on it and it is short but it is worth it. The graphics r good for the background but the people and the guns r not very good. The war is in japan and the missions r in the water, citi, jungle, on a ship, and in a village that goes into a baseball field. It is amazing of how addicting it gets so u cant stop. The music changes as what the act is like, like it changes to fast pace if u have to hurry to do somthing but most of it is japanese. It has the best multiplayer out of all of the MOHs because u can battle up to four people on the same team or against each other. U can even be by ur self on multiplayer but u r against cpus. U can choose how many and whoever u want on ur team or who u want to go against. There r so many places to battle at too and u get to choose how many minutes u want to play and what guns u want to use and either do free for all or team deathmatch. There is two player mission too so u can do missions with ur friends. This is my favorite MOH for the ps2 and it has the best multiplayer.

A Horrible Game

The Medal of Honor series has been popular for a long time. After all, who doesn't like playing the same event (World War 2) 25 times?

Anyway though, "Rising Sun" is an example of how a company can get away with making trash, and still have it get decent reviews, and have it sell well. "Rising Sun" is a horrid game, and is considered a letdown even to most Medal of Honor fans.

"Rising Sun" does absolutely nothing new, with a series that had already been around for years, upon years. At the point of "Rising Sun" Medal of Honor was already considered an established series for Sony.

Anyway, when it comes down to it, Medal of Honor's "Rising Sun" game is a disappointment on all levels. The gameplay is linear, and is often totally ridiculous, and the story is well.....nothing new either.

Only pick up "Rising Sun" if you want yet another horrid first person shooter, with nothing special in it.

Medal of Honor - Rising Sun

According to my 13 year old, this game is "vintage" but a blast to play. And it was a great deal!

Additional info for Medal of Honor Rising Sun


As Corporal Joseph Griffin, you fight the Japanese expansion -- stop Imperial control of the Pacific Theatre. At you side are brave soldiers you'll lead through epic missions, across the Pacific Islands.

Battle for the Pacific in real-life battles like Pearl Harbor and Guadalcanal - blow up the bridge on the River Kwai, rescue POWs in the Philippines -- 5 missions in all

Experience lifelike combat in ten massive gameplay levels, with 20 authentic WWII weapons to choose from

Open-ended gameplay lets players try multiple approaches against the enemy -- they can also go it alone or work with a military squad

All-new reward system, unlockable features and weather effects for immersive gameplay