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Batch import tools and community sites integration

We offer tools that allow you to use SwapMyGames with other sites and services. For example, if you are on Facebook and or have an Amazon wish list, use the tools below to make SwapMyGames an even easier video game trading experience.


If you are a Facebook user, we have created an awesome application that allows you to easily track the activity on your SwapMyGames account. If you are not yet a Facebook user you can easily join. There is no time like the present!

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Visit the swapmygames facebook application.
Import your wishlist from

Easily retrieve
your Amazon
wish list

If you use and have video games on your Amazon wish list, SwapMyGames can try getting them for FREE. Just enter the email address that you use to access your account and we'll import all of the video games on your wish list. You then select which of the games should go into your "want list" and that's it. You're on your way to trading for free.

Email address used for your account

Import your wishlist from

Already have a list of video games that you want to add to have list?

What if you already have a list of all the video games you want to trade? To import a list of items from an excel file to your "games I have" list just select a file from your computer in the box below and SwapMyGames will display all of the video games in its catalog that match the games on your list. You will then be able to select which of the displayed video games you want to mark as "available for trade."

Acceptable formats are .xls, .csv, .txt
The file must contain the "UPC" column; while "condition" and "comment" columns are optional.

MySpace Application

myspace applications
Coming soon.
Planned release date:
end of march