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What is it?

SwapMyGames is a website that allows video game owners to trade their unwanted video games in exchange for desired ones for absolutely FREE. We are a group of friends who's been enjoying the convenience and practicality of trading video games amongst ourselves for years, and had the idea of adapting this principle on a larger scale - in a form of a website. Our goal was to expand it into a community that safely trades games for free, which in effect contributes to saving the environment. That's right; we do not charge any fees for you to enjoy the games you truly want to play. We will tell you how far the user with the game of your choice is located from you and all you need to do is choose whether you want to meet up and exchange your video games or ship them to one another. Trade your video games as often as you like and play what you want.

SwapMyGames will never charge you any fee for its services. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and register and start trading your video games - it's all green and it's all FREE. However, if you choose to ship the game you would have to pay the shipping fees of what your domestic shipping company charges. This fee is very small, for example in USA it will be around $2.45 per shipment with First Class United States Postal Service, which will also provide a tracking number for your shipment. In Canada it differs from province to province and ranges from $0.54 to $1.10 without a delivery confirmation.

We're Green - Lets Be Green Together!

We are environmentally conscious: is green, the servers provided to us by (our technology partner) are green, and the service that we offer helps preserve and save the planet. Each game you trade instead of buying reduces carbon footprint in the environment by over 1.5 pounds, so the more you trade the more you help.

Lets save the planet one game at a time!

Is it Safe?

SwapMyGames's team of developers has implemented a positive/negative feedback rating system and a number of other safety triggers and precautions to minimize fraudulent activity on the website. We cannot disclose all of the safety precautions in the interest of preserving their effectiveness.

It is also important to note that we respect and uphold the confidentiality of the users' registration details and would never do anything to compromise them.

Employment Opportunities

SwapMyGames is currently expanding their team. If you can contribute and are interested in joining our team send your resume to