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Imagine: Boutique Owner

Nintendo DS » Simulation » UBI Soft

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Jun 2, 2009

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Become the most fabulous boutique owner in town! Unleash your creativity and design all types of gifts, including flower arrangements, plush toys, and jewelry. Please your customers by helping them choose the perfect gift, then offer complimentary gift-wrapping to make it extra special for them! And don't forget to decorate your boutique for every holiday!

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User Review


My daughter -10 played it at a friends -9 house and had to have it. Now, another friend -7 played it at our house and has to have it too :)


My 10 year-old purchased this game for herself and I find I cannot put it down once I get started playing it. The graphics are not amazing, and the game can be tedious, as the shop owner completes continuous cycles of opening her store, finding customers what they ask for and checking them out. But these complaints do not make game playing dull as I can play the game for over an hour before I want to turn it off. This game reminds me a Diner Dash, (which is one of my favorite games) but a little less exciting. Buy the game if you have daughters who like to role play. I would not recommend this game for a boy.

Good but not what i expected

Hi i am holly, age 9. I liked the way this game looked, but it is not really like that. The point of the game is to make your customers happy. The customers look corny. You sell items such as perfume, toys, flowers, hats, video games, bakery sweets, and more. It gets kind of boring at times but if you are bored this is the most wonderful game to play, also good for road trips because you get really into it. I reccomend it for mature 8 or nine year olds, maybe 10 year olds and definatley 11-12. Teens would hate it. Really bad graphics, but it is pretty good, not great.

Imagine: Boutique Owner

Arrived promptly and product was as expected. Would be comfortable ordering from this supplier again.

My favorite Imagine game!

As soon as I saw the preview for this game, I knew I HAD to have it! So eventually, my parents got it for me, and I've been addicted to it ever since!

You start out as this girl named Kate, who inherits her father's store, a small little boutique in town. At first, it is very small, but it's a lot of fun to help the customers out. Once you complete your goals, (like selling 5 pastries or helping out the celebrity, Ashley) you'll be offered new ones and your store will slowly expand into more areas, like a jewelery shop, and a flower shop.

While retrieving the the right item for your customers is surprisingly fun, it's even more fun to make your own cakes, perfumes, necklaces, even stuffed animals- and give them to the customer. You have to follow certain instructions, (such as there has to have the color red in it, but it has to be chocolate flavored) but it's still highly customizable, and it's very amusing to come up with strange new combinations. Also, you always get to sign something. You could put your own signature, or you could put "Kate," but I usually draw little pictures.

What's also fun is that you can man the cash register yourself, or have your cashier do it. But I usually do it myself because it's a fun mini-game. Anyway, the customers will also sometimes ask you to wrap up what they bought, and the way you wrap it is surprisingly accurate. It's also fun to choose the paper and the bow. You can also change the floor color, (well, really just the shade: light, medium, or dark of whatever color the floor is) and you choose where to display things.

Also, there's a surprisingly amusing storyline, and you actually have a competitor!

The only drawback is that you are always doing assignments, which means staying in one part of your boutique only, trying to sell a certain item. Yep, no "free mode." But, there is no time limit to complete a task, so I usually just ignore the tasks and do my own thing, since I have already beat the game.

All in all, this is a great game, and by far the best imagine game I've ever played. (And I've played quite a few) So, if your thinking that you shouldn't buy this game because it might not be worth it, take it from me: BUY IT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Additional info for Imagine: Boutique Owner


Welcome customers to your boutique and assist them in choosing the perfect gift for every occasion, from chocolates and jewelry to posters and games

Personalize customers' gifts by customizing your own in fun mini-games Create cakes, bouquets, necklaces and more

Put the spirit of celebration in your boutique for all the major holidays; celebrate all occasions like Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Halloween and Christmas

Please as many customers as you can with your unique products, offer complimentary gift wrapping with the most unique papers and ribbons; you can even create a loyalty program and reward your favorite customers