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Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

Game Boy » Racing Games » Mattel Media

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Dec 27, 1999

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Perform extreme stunts and race against other Hot Wheels cars! Take control of your Hot Wheels cars and get ready to race! Pick one of 6 awesome thrill-packed stunt track environments! Perform kickin' aerial stunts and race against others with the Game Boy Game Link Cable (sold separately). The more stunts you add, the better your score!

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User Review

Pretty cool

I'm 13, so when I first saw this game I thought, "Hot Wheels? This has gotta be a kids game." And to be perfectly honest...for a serious gamer, this IS kids stuff. But if your like me and don't play games all that much...this game is perfect. It is pretty easy to stay on the coarse because there are bumpers around you. But then there are the jumps where you'll explode if you don't land right. I recomend this game to smaller kids or people who aren't serious about games and just want to have some fun.

very simple and good for small children

I had expected that the game would entail lots of racing over many surfaces but it was just a hot wheels car on a hot wheels track. The track is set up in several different places around a home. My son is five years old and really enjoys this game. It is the type of game where you can just "floor it" and keep going. If you want to do really well it takes additional skill to spin, brake, flip or swerve the car for extra points. But my son just likes racing the car as fast as it can go. He rarely notices what place he came in. This is not like the video arcade game "Cruisin' USA" where he cannot stay on the track for more than a few seconds at a time. (not that he tries very hard not to hit the trees, etc.)

Coolest Game EVER!

WOW! What a cool game, a must guy for the gameboy, if you don't buy this you must be seriously nuts! Well worth the price tag, brilliant everything, go for it!

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