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George of The Jungle

Nintendo Wii » Adventure Games » Crave Entertainment

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Mar 18, 2008

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The King of the Jungle swings back into action this winter on Cartoon Network and for the first time to the Nintendo Wii, DS and Playstation 2. Based on the beloved Jay Ward Classic, fans will be able to experience George of the Jungle in a brand new way! Grab your controller and swing into the fun as George and his friends jump into another hilarious adventure

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User Review

Very Good

I bought this game for my son. Since I gave him the disc I haven't seen him much around. That means he loved it!

Great for a 4 1/2 y/old

Waaaaay better the Diego Safari.
For a 4.5 y/old, that's a very good game. My son still didn't get to the end of the game because he couldn't knock down the Huge Monkey (Red), but he enjoyed all the way to that point.
Worth buying...

I am nominating this as worst game of the year.

I am not quite sure where to begin on just how bad this game is. I am a really big fan of the cartoon but this pathetic excuse for a game really has me wondering just how quickly they put it together.

You can only move left or right. When you lose your lives (bananas), you start the entire game over and that happens quickly and often.

Even the 3 unlockable mini-games are lame versions of Frogger and other old time games.

I got the game because I enjoy the cartoon but this is the worst adaption I have ever seen of a movie/comic/TV show property.

It is too bad Crave Games did such a poor job on this.

On a good note, I just got and love Ben 10: Protector of Earth (D3 Publisher). It does a great job showcasing the show and the characters with unique situations, fun puzzle solving and just a lot of fun to play. When I get done, I will be buying Ben 10 Alien Force here on Amazon.

I also love all the Lego games (Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman). You really get your money's worth. Not so with George of the Jungle.

I would recommend staying away from George of the Jungle and anything else that Crave Games ever puts out. I will NEVER buy anything by this publisher again.

Watch Out for That Wii !

The revamped and slightly more interesting animated classic "George of the Jungle", as seen on Cartoon Network, has made it into a brand-new video game.

In this game, you play as the brave, yet bumbling, George as he goes all out in the search for lost pages scattered throughout the jungle. You'll encounter the original characters as seen in the TV series like Ape, Ursula, Magnolia, and Shep. You'll also explore the vast jungles that have been brought to life in this amazing adventure of a game. There are also some cool moves George can execute in order to continue his adventure like the Vine Swing, the Air Stomp, and of course his Jungle Call that summons Tookie Tookie Bird. There are a few traps and obstacles that may get in your way, but that's the fun of the challenge in this game.

Also, look for a few collectible items that may aid in your jungle trek including some things that unlock great mini-games. Plus, keep an eye out for numerous baddies that might hinder your quest badly. Thankfully, you have great attack combos that can defeat them but good.

So this is a pretty good adventure platformer based on the hit show. And keep watching for brand new episodes of George only on Cartoon Network.

Additional info for George of The Jungle


Based on the classic series and now Cartoon Network release

Beautifully recreated cell shaded characters

Rich luscious jungle environments

Meet all of George's pals from the classic series

Fun platform adventure game