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Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea

Nintendo DS » Adventure Games » Atari Inc.

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Oct 5, 2010

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Freddi Fish: ABC's Under the Sea is the first time Freddi Fish comes to the Nintendo DS in a fun and educational set of mini-games! ABC Under the Sea is an educational game that inspires and challenges kids to explore, think and discover with exciting games that target different developmental stages and interest levels of children 3-5.

Freddi Fish: ABC's Under the Sea covers many early learning topics such as letter recognition, vocabulary, spelling, counting, directions, colors and tracing in the guises of fun mini-games such as Soup-Stir, Counting Coral and Bubble Bonanza.

New clues and endings each time you play Builds key thinking and reasoning skills

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User Review

A flop.

I was really hoping that my youngest son would like this, but it was a total flop. It's boring and doesn't hold his interest long enough to learn anything from it. I messed with it a bit and I agreed with him.

Not Great, but Not Too Bad Either!

I bought this for my 4 y/o grandson, he plays with it for a short period of time, but it doesn't seem to intrigue him either. It does have numerous things to do.

Great educational game

I was not disappointed at all by this game. My 4 yr old loves it and has no trouble with it at all. It lets him use the stylus to write letters and get used to using a pencil correctly. He had very little trouble trying to figure it out yet it challenged him just enough.


Great game for the kids! They would never get bored with this one lol. Would recommend to those parents who want to keep the kids busy while learning the essentials like the abc's and 123's and colors, shapes and how to tell the difference between animals. It's an amazing game and I personally have no complaints and neither do the kids so I would highly recommend this one. Worth the price too :) Enjoy!

Great PC Game

I bought two of these as gifts based on our experience with the PC game. My kids (and I) loved it back then. If they have stayed true to the game in the DS version, then it's definitely a winner for the preschool ages!

Learning for my son.

I bought this game as a Christmas present for my nearly 5 year old son. I thought he could use a little help learning some numbers and letters. It has been wonderful, he is starting to recognize numbers and letters when he sees them in print. It also teaches colors and knowing the difference between his right and left. It is a wonderful product and I would suggest it to other parents, who are looking to help their children learn while having a little fun.

Awful game

I bought this for my daughter (3 almost 4) and I am very disappointed with it on all levels. My daughter looses interest every time she plays it in less than five minuets.
Bubble Bonanza is the least disappointing of the games, it is just straight matching just look at the top screen and tap the same thing on the bottom screen.

Counting corral has you circle between 1 and 4 seahorses, the problem is that the game does such a poor job of recognizing what has been circled that I am forced to constantly tell her that she did it right but do it again. Only going up to 4 is not all that helpful either.

Soup Stir gives the child a bunch of jumbled up letter that they are supposed to rearrange into a word matching the word on the top screen. The problem is that neither the letters used or the word they are creating are ever said, what is the point of them just dragging a few letter around when they are never told what they just spelled or what sound the letters make?

Costume Catastrophe gives three dressed up shrimp and the object is to circle the one that does not match, this game is not terrible it is just way to simple to keep her interested.

Ship Shape has the child trace a letter, they are not told what letter they are tracing so I am not sure how this is supposed to be helpful in teaching them letters. This game also does a very poor job in recognizing what has been written (especially if it is drawn slowly) and I watched my daughter have to repeatedly erase and redo what was a very decent trace while being told by Freddi that she is making a mess. I tried this as well and I was even frustrated trying to trace to an acceptable level when doing it slowly (the way a child learning does I might add).

Junkyard Jumble. If your child can not read this game does not work.

Sandy beach is just random drawing. Kinda hard to mess that up so I have nothing to say about it other that if I was interested in this I would buy some crayons and paper.......oh yeah I did.

Refrigerator Magnets puts a bunch of letters on the screen that the child is supposed to use to "spell words or make your own". But again neither the letters or "words" are not sounded out or read so I am left wondering other than just moving some unidentified things what is the point of this?

Please save your money and do not buy this game!


Teaches kids to read

This is the very first game I bought for my son's DS. Before, I was hesitant to get my 4-year-old a DS cos it's just all games and I don't want him to be addicted to it or something like that. But I proved myself wrong when he started playing this game. This game is very educational and great for a kid who just started reading. My son recognizes some letters and this game improves his letter recognition. Thanks to Freddi Fish!!! ;)

was not pleased!

I bought this game for my 4yr old for christmas. I previewed the game before christmas and realized how boring it was, I tried to think positive and thought maybe she would enjoy it. But since christmas shes played it twice for a couple of minutes and went back to her other games. The music in the background sounds like elevator music and puts you to sleep. And the sessions are WAY to long at one point for tracing the letters it has you trace like 70 letters in which it doesnt even say the letters...WAY to much for child. She got bored too fast and never finished one session. Fridge magnets is so boring. A bucket of ABC magnets to play with. Another game is draw in the sand. Another game is arrange trash or junk, it tells them to move something to the left or right. Another game is sea horses and it has you draw a circle around 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 of them. It only went up to 4 and your doing this over and over again for like 30 times. I am so unhappy about this game and feel so bad for my daughter that I gave her such a lame game. So again I am in search of a good educational game for her.

Great game for the preschool crowd

My daughter recieved this for her third birthday and has been playing it ever since. When I began searching for games that were appropriate for her age and allowed her a moderate degree of independence, I was disappointed with the selection. This was one of the few games that seemed to fit the bill. I wanted something that offered a bit of a challenge, but also allowed her to play on her own (primarily for long car rides). We spent about an hour playing it together and she quickly picked up on how to navigate the game. Freddi swims in the ocean along the side and can stop at a variety of friend's houses along the way (there are 6 total). You can use the stylus throughout the whole game, which is a huge advantage at this age.

Each of the games covers a basic skill such as patterns, letters, and numbers. As I mentioned earlier, my daughter was able to quickly pick up on the purpose of each game. With that said, she's also been exposed to all of those skills. She can count to 20, knows her directions, letters, and colors, so I'm sure that was a huge help. If a child didn't have some of the required skills, it would be a great game for introducing them (the parent would just be more involved). My favorite thing about the game is it's ability to track your child's progress. If a child is doing well with a game, it will progressively get harder. If he/she is struggling with something, the game will become slightly easier (you can check your child's progress in the menu screen).

Each game has written instructions prior to beginning, which younger kids are unable to read. In our case, I had to read them a couple of times and she quickly picked up on the purpose of the game. The one area where this is a problem is a game where the child is asked to sort pieces of trash. Initially the game would verbally say "right," "left," etc. Once it's played a couple of times, the verbal directions disappear. My daughter doesn't recognize these words yet, so it poses a problem. As I mentioned earlier, it's not a game that is completely independent for a typical or above average 3 year old, but I think it's about as close as you can get.

Additional info for Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea


Atari brings the educational series about a yellow fish named Freddi and her green friend Luther to the DS for the first time in Freddi Fish: ABC Under the Sea.

Released in October, Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea is the 6th game in the Freddi Fish series for kids, and this one focuses on early letter recognition for children ages 3-5.

Focusing on skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary, spelling, counting, following directions, coloring and tracing.