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Football Manager 2011

Linux Games » Strategy » Sega of America

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Date Released: Nov 16, 2010

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Football Manager returns for the new season, bigger and better than ever. Sports Interactive have added to and improved the world's bestselling football management series, bringing more realism and immersion to your quest for glory. With over 50 playable countries to manage in and full control of all aspects of the club, it's time to put your opinions to the test.

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User Review

Best Manager game ever

This game is so much fun...I love these types of games. The football manager franchise is excellent...Wish they made a another hockey manager.

The Standard is Set Here!

I have been playing Football Manager since it was originally released (way back when), I say way back because this has been going on for many a year. To say it has had progressive improvements over time is an understatement. This football management simulation is unbelievable and very accurate. For instance the top players in this game are the current top players such as Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero. The top managers (which you compete against are the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho.

This simulation is also intensely difficult, I generally manage Liverpool and even though they are a great side and financially well-off, you find winning games, managing the books and getting in new players is a difficult process. I can't say I am not experienced at the game because I am but every season is a new challenge. There are so many angles to this game from tactics, training, negotiating with players, buying and selling players, getting in staff to train your players etc.

One of the key points in the game is not buying in a player who wants too much wages. You may get him on the cheap but if he is getting 150,000 per week then he isn't a good choice because eventually your wage bill will run so high that you won't be able to get in any other players. This happened to me with Yaya Toure of Man City who is a fantastic player. You get offered him for around 5 million but he wants 170,000 per week!

I find that sticking to the same tactic is the best plan in this game although you have plenty of choices. My favorite tactic is a customized variant of 4-5-1. So far I have played this game for nearly 2 seasons. I won the English Premier League in my first season so things are going well so far. I managed to get in players like Fabio Coentrao, Humberto Suazo and Christian Trasch. These three players alone turned my possible top 5 side into a Championship winner. Of course part of the game is hoping your top players don't get injured and if they do then you have to have players which can cover for them. This is when your management skills are tested to the full because if you can pull off a win with a weaker side which may also become very overworked then you truly deserve to be a top manager. Of course there is always a down-side, you are on a roll and all of a sudden a club which you should beat easily, somehow wins at your home ground. This is down-heartening but you have to get past it and believe in your side.

I recommend this game to any one who loves Football and wants to enjoy seeing the workings of a real football club. This is the closest you will ever get unless you are fortunate to be as talented in real life as Sir Alex.

Good, solid game

Game doesn't differ that much than the previous version (I only ever buy every other one of this series)

Great, addictive game.

Not like the Fifa/PES games at all, more fantasy soccer.

I've owned about 8 different versions of this game and love them

Great game if you like football simulation

I grew up playing the championship manager series of games and had not played them for a while because they were not easily available in the US. I was surprised when I found out that Amazon was selling the Football Manager 11 and after some research found out that this the series you want if you are into football simulation.

The game is great with tons of data and many more leagues than I would care for. It is not as buggy as someone had said here. I ran into some issue where after a few seasons, the game does not recognize the home grown players correctly but you get around it by going on vacation for a day.

The only problem is that is becomes very addictive and I ended spending way too much time on it. I finally had to uninstall the game to get over the addiction. I plan to hang on to the game however so I can play it again when I have more time.

Best Soccer Simulator

I got this game about a two weeks agoo and its really nice compared to FM 2009

something to point out is that it runs perfectly 3D gaming with my integrated video card maybe once in a while it will slow down but not more than 2 seconds and the game keeps going on really good.

I would recommend this purchase

The ultimate soccer/football lover game

As a longtime FIFA player and avid Premier League follower, I felt I knew the game as well as anybody. I had heard about this game, enormously popular in Europe, called Football Manager 11. A friend told me it was the "ultimate football sim", in his words. I didn't believe the hype. "I can't control the players?" I asked, and he nodded his head. He promised I would be more satisfied, with this game than almost every other.

So, after a few nudges, I downloaded the trial from Steam. Then I bought the game. And now, like millions of others across the world, I am hopelessly addicted to a football simulator. So much so that I had to write this review simply to clue in more people about the best way to destroy hours of your life.

Introductory points on Football Manager 11:
* You play the role of a football manager in a day to day, turn based system. Pick your team and hit continue and watch the options unfold.
* "Playing" the game primarily consists of several key actions: Buying / selling players, setting training schedules, setting formations, and interacting with the players and press.
* After you pick your Starting 11 + subs and motivate them to play their little hearts out, a match simulator begins with a 3d engine. Each of your players 40 "traits" or "stats" come into play as the match unfolds. From the sideline you can bark orders and at halftime you can encourage, praise, or insult your players, based on performance.
* This "hands off" nature of the game provides great satisfaction. When your 19 year old defender scores 4 goals, all headers from set pieces, you can sit there praising your own foresight in training his heading skill up to 16.
* Almost every league in the world is available to play. This includes La Liga, MLS, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, K-League, Mexican Premiera Division, etc. All divisions have their fun and playing in the lower leagues might be more enjoyable than the top ones!
* This game is endlessly replayable. You will love it, your girlfriend will hate it.

Now I don't just believe the hype, I promote it. Pick up this game if you want to see if you can be a better manager than any of the greats or better than that current deadbeat in your favorite team. When the game starts throwing snarky comments about how addicted you are, take them with a grain of salt: They are probably right. So don't forget about that pizza in the oven or your laundry, play this game.


Great Game!!!

I am a sports nut but know little about soccer tactics. With that said, this game is easily my favorite. It simulates running a team brilliantly to the point where you get attached to the little representations of your players running across the pitch.

To me a sign of a good game is taking something that I may not be normally interested in and turning it into something that I can't get enough of. This games accomplishes that.

I recommend it to anyone that is a sports fan or anyone that is a gamer. If you are a soccer nut there is not much that I can tell you as you probably already know all about this franchise. You don't have to be a soccer nut to like this game and I am a classic example of that.

Does NOT install properly on Mac Mini 2010

The game installer runs, it completes, it tells you that installation was successful, but the game won't work. It can't find the default database that it just installed.

I have installed using STEAM and also directly from the DVD. Neither works.

I created a ticket with SEGA to see if it a known bug. Ticket ID: KFY-197863, created on Dec 28 2010. As of Jan 03 2011 SEGA has not bothered to look at the ticket yet.

Very disappointing.

Additional info for Football Manager 2011


Match Preparation allows you to train your team in specific areas for each match, including tactics and set pieces.

Show the world your success by publishing your achievements in the new Manager's Room and on social networks.

Live contract talks bring negotiations to life. Deal with different types of players and agents, to wrap up the best deals or beat others to signings.

The most intuitive training in Football Manager ever allows you to focus on individual training with a single instruction in 14 areas.

Enhanced match experience, including new graphics, new stadiums, new lighting, more player celebrations, on pitch emotions and over 100 new animations.