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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Nintendo Wii » Strategy » Nintendo

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Nov 5, 2007

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Product Description:

Three years have passed since the great war that ended in the death of Mad King Ashnard. His country of Daein suffers under the rule of the war's victors. Now, a small band of freedom fighters struggle to end the long, dark night of Daein's oppression. Micaiah, Sothe and a host of others, the infamous "Dawn Brigade", rally under the banner of Daein's long-lost prince to bring a new day to this ravaged land.


  • Command the Dawn Brigade and learn the story of their struggle. Then, gain a new perspective by joining Ike and the Greil Mercenaries as they watch Daein's battles spread throughout all of Tellius.
  • Players can shape their armies to suit their strategy by choosing from dozens of unique characters. Should they use close-range attacks, like the brash Edward's sword, or attack from afar using Leonardo's bow or Ilyana's lightning magic?
  • Players can build support relationships between their characters; as their relationships grow, so do their strengths as they fight together on the battlefield. Players should guide their armies wisely, because if a character falls on the battlefield, he or she is lost forever.
  • The strategy title makes its Wii debut, with 16:9 widescreen support, newly added for the North American version, bringing a truly epic experience.

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User Review

One of the Best Game Ever!!!


A great game even now

I know that this is a late review, but I just wanted to say that this game is amazing! I just recently got it and am not that far in it but I have played and beaten all of the fire emblem games that have been released in the United States. If you liked the Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance, then you should get this game! It will be worthwhile.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

We purchased "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn" for our grandson for Christmas. I have heard no complaints so I guess he is enjoying it.

Outstanding RPG & Strategy game

As a former Final Fantasy addict, this game and the previous Fire Emble: Path of Radiance game, took some adjustment. This installment is significantly more difficult than the previous version, but that's what makes it great. It is frustrating when you lose a character, but it's usually because you left your mage or healer or someone else vulnerable. That's what makes strategy so important. I often find myself thinking "one more round before I heal someone" and then I end up restarting the game because they'll gang up on that one character who I thought could have made it one more round.

This game is not for the first-timer, but is great for any hard-core RPG/strategy gamer.

Graphics are ok (3/5)
Story-line is cheesy, but interesting (4/5)
Length of game-play is 40-80 hours depending on your style (4/5)
Replayability - I took some time off and have restarted it on hard-mode (which is definitely hard) The second time around you can unlock an additional character or 2 (5/5)

Overall - 4/5

Fire emblem radiant dawn. good?

Well seeing and playing most other Nintendo games for wii. this game has very fun game play, decent graphics, and its length is pretty long for a wii game. It will take you oh say maybe at least 22 hours to beat the game. theres about 30 or so battles and such in the game. its a fun game. also you have to think a bit sorry for the dimwits out there. its not exactly action but its not your common board game. though fun its quite challenging seeing the fact when certain characters die you will not be able to use them again or you lose the level. If your not all into rpg's and strategy games this might not be for you. However if you like rpgs they have a leveling up system, classes, and a roster to the endgame (lets say nobody dies) about maybe oh say 45 playable unique characters. Also with an interesting story whether you played the first one or not. In my opinion its a great item for your wii collection of games. it may seem 3rd party but actually made by Nintendo. A nice series but doesnt get a lot of updates or new games.

Fun but needs big improvements

As a long time FE fan, you simply can't overlook this one. The game play is extremely well and the story line is good and easy to follow. I learned about the Path of Radiance after I started playing this one. It actually made me want to go back and play the PR. One big minus is that although I am a huge pro-game play rather than a pro-graphics, the graphics is just way too mediocre for a 2007 Wii game.

Also, I think the game gives you way too many playable characters, especially when all the forces combine after finishing the first four chapters (waking the goddess). I mean like the characters from the Dawn's Brigate (i.e. Ch. 1), considering their low level/stats, lack of unique personal skills and no real link to the overall storyline, I don't see any legitimate reason to play these characters after the forces combine unless the ultimate goal is to challenge your FE skills. Even those powerful characters from the Greil's Merc whom you play 10+ episodes with in Ch. 3 (and previously in Path of Radiance), it seems that they automatically become obsolete when picking out your final crew upon entrance into the tower. I mean c'mon, would any player resist playing the Kings/Queen from the Laguz tribe for other ordinary characters like, for example, Aran the poor soldier from Ch. 1 or even Skimitar (I know this is not the correct spelling) the lion king's heir to be? I doubt.

Personally I just think by offering players all those iconic playerable characters towards the end of the game takes away the fun of developing your crew. The fact that I spent so much time spreading experiences evenly to my favorite characters all seem to be a waste of effort at the end. At the end I used maybe two characters from the Greil's Mercs and that's about it. All others are either Laguz leaders or special characters like Queen Emelia, whom I primarily use as a front-line healer since Micaiah is just too weak against non-magical confrontations.

Overall, I give this game a 7.3/10. I wish FE at least beef up the graphics on the next release on Wii.

Great Continuation of the Series

This is another addition to the Fire Emblem series that any fan should enjoy. While they did ramp up the difficulty, they also dramatically increased the amount of bonus exp you have and increased the levels and stats of pretty much all the characters. If you use the bonus exp wisely than your units will be far superior than the enemies. Of course the higher difficulties are higher but that's the challenge that true fans love. Plus, with the new battle save, you can always save right before you take a gamble so losing a soldier can always be avoided.

I believe this has a good storyline especially if you played Path of Radiance.
***Spoiler Alert***

One of the biggest additions is fighting from multiple perspectives. If you're really into the characters, you'll face some heartrending choices as you battle your own units but it's very well thought out and planned so it will be all good.

Classic Fire Emblem on Steroids!!

I've been playing Fire Emblem games since the first one released in the US came out out GBA. I played Sacred stones and loved it, and played pather of radience and loved it. Then... came Radient Dawn. From the minute the first anime opening cutscne plays you immediately realize that Intelligent Systems has uppercut the bar another notch.
Do not judge the game by the first 10 chapters, the very beginning of the game, where you play as a new main charechter, named Michaia, is ridiculously more challenging than it should be. BUt I still loved the new level of challenge.
Eventually you reach a point in the game where you play Ike's story. THe moment you hit Ike's story to the end of the game, You'll be bleeding out your eyes at how insane, but how addictive this game is
This is my favorite of the FE series so far. You dont know what you're missing until you've played this game.
PLayers of Path Of Radience will see many familiar faces and be happy to see them return.
Anyone who loves strategy games and action games I completely reccomend it, there are tons of hidden charechters, cut scenes, back stories, and lots of other gooddies that will equal hundreds of gameplay. And best of all, the replay value is limitless, I can play this game over and over again, and I've never gotten sick of it

Not as good as its predecessor but still top-notch.

I am a big Fire Emblem fan, and so this review may be biased. I think this game does a lot of things right, it is very challenging, has a lot of interesting characters and a ton of replay value. The plot is pretty difficult to sum up if you hadn't played Fire Emblem Path of Radiance as this game is a direct sequel set three years after the original and contains all of the characters from that game as well as a group of new characters.

Gameplay: This is a typical strategy game, characters appear on a grid, you move the characters towards the enemy and when you meet them you can attack. Each level has an objective whether it is to defeat all of the enemies, survive for a certain number of turns or seize a space. In between each level you can buy new equipment for each character (weapons wear down and break so this is necessary) award experience points and have conversations. This is a very rewarding but frustrating game, if a character dies they are dead, this means you have to restart the level or start from a save which you can do during the level, if you want to continue to use that character.

Story: The story is a little too complicated, you get several different waring factions you play as several of these factions at different points throughout the game. It is an epic story but almost too much truth be told, I enjoyed this games predecessor more because there was a clear goal from the beginning, and you used the same characters throughout the game growing attached to them. In Radiant Dawn, you use one countries team for a while then use another countries team for a while, eventually they all meet up but it makes it difficult to get very attached to one group.

If you played the original and liked it you should enjoy this game, if you like strategy games, or rpg's you will like this game. I highly recommend it as it is one of the better strategy games out there for a console and certainly one of the best rpg's for the wii.


not in a good condition( they quoted " very good condition").. many scratches on the CD...over all...poor condition

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