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Descent 3

Linux Games » Loki Entertainment Software

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Date Released: Jan 1, 1970

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The original three-dimensional shooter is back, featuring Fusion dual-engine technology that seamlessly meshes the close-combat action found inside the battledrone-infested mines with epic open-sky combat action! This time, you'll be armed to the teeth with 20 devastating weapons at your disposal, which is a good thing considering you'll be facing an army of over 30 unique types of Assault Bots that will not, by any means, hesitate to take advantage of their sheer numbers and swarm you with massive amounts of mechanical force. Pilot your spacecraft by yourself, or put your money where your mouth is and take flight online. Either way, this game will turn your world inside out.

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User Review


I bought this game a few years ago. I've never been able to get it to run even after downloading and installing all of the patches. Its been money down the toilet.
I'm also not able to return the game because of stupid software return policies.

I wish I could rate it with negative stars

very consisent and good game.

Iv'e never played descent 2 or 1, so I have only played this one, when I ran it on my pentium mmx 2, 128megabytes of ram, Ndvidia tnt with the latest drivers, directx6, and aureal3dvortex audio driver, it ran slow, but with a fair frame rate. yet, the graphics, music, AI, sounds, were incredible, but the cinematics looked a little like low quality, but still the game supports eax, a3d, for audio, opengl, direct3d for display and drivers, although i ran a3d and direct3d on it, it looked very exeptable, very nice. and sounded very exceptable,verynice.
but the gameplay was a real question, I got lost after a while, the gameplay to me is just OKAY. the only reason why this game earned 4stars because of the graphics, music, sound, support of display and audio drivers, and that I had the correct directx driver to run it. then I uninstalled it because I never really played it that much, 3years later, when I got my state of the art dell pentium4, windowsxphome edition, geforce2family with tv video out, 256 megabytes of rdram, sbwavedevice, and the C hard drive 40.gbs, it ran so incredible and so much better, I installed it, with opengl support, eax audio incredible support, and using directx8.1, it ran so incredible, like,60fps, and eax realstic extreme audio. besides the point, if you have never seen of played descent1 or 2, I'm not sure if you should play it, but if you do, I reccomend it!

Decent 3


Descent3 Rocks!

This is one of the coolest games I've played in a long time. Basically, you're a pilot and you have to fly through varios enviorments trying to find keys, kill robots, etc... I may sound like just another mindless point and shoot game, but unlike the Descent 1, and Descent 2, we now have a storyline complete with cutscenes. Every level is connected directly with the plot. Each is increacingly more and more difficult, but this isn't accomplished by adding more and more robots. Usually it's in the form of a more complex level, with puzzles that are harder and harder to crack. The graphics are awsome, and everything is incredably detailed. Robots have advanced AI that varies from robot to robot. Some of the weaker robots, if they can, will escape the situation (you trying to blast them to shmitheriens) to go in search of more robots, and will come back with 3-5! Of corse some will come in fists swinging and try to knock the living daylights out of you and your ship. All in all an amazing game. Descent 3 supports EAX and A3D sound API's, so if your sound card supports either of these then you are in for a treat! I only have on real disapointment with this game, and that is the people in the cutscenes look like they were made of play-dough. Other than that I really can't find any major flaws in Descent 3.

The linux version is just a straight port of the PC version, so they are in fact, the same game.


P.S. You will need a decent computer to run it though. I would reccomend a Pentium 266 with 64 MB RAM, SVGA 4MB (voodoo 2 or three should be fine as long as it's Direct 3D compatible, I ran mine on a GeForce2! :)

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