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Cheer We Go!

Nintendo DS » Simulation » Natsume, Inc.

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Date Released: Mar 23, 2010

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We Got Spirt! How About You? Take on the role of a cheerleader in this exciting rhythm adventure game! Use your stylus to guide your cheerleader through increasingly complex dances and cheerleading routines. The game’s story mode takes you on an adventure through school as you try to work your way up to star cheerleader! Customize your character, enjoy a variety of mini-games, and find a little romance along the way!

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Additional info for Cheer We Go!


Impress your friends and wow judges in cheerleading competitions by using the Touch Screen to mimic real cheerleading motions

Make new friends, unlock mini games, and earn stylish new outfits in story mode

Explore an engaging story filled with fun characters and exciting surprises

Do you have Cheer We Go friends? Team up wirelessly and perform multiplayer dance routines

DSi owners can play a bonus minigame