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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

PlayStation2 » Flight Simulation » Namco

User Review: review this item | see game reviews
Date Released: Aug 8, 2006

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September 23, 2010. Sand Island military base in the middle of the Ceres Ocean, dividing the two superpowers Osea and Yuktobania.

After attempting intercept of an unidentified aircraft, most of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron was destroyed. As the base scrambles its defenses and goes on red alert, you and your fellow elite fighter pilots are called up to protect your home nation of Osea. Take flight in the 5th installment of NamcoÕs landmark air combat series, featuring ultraÐrealistic graphics, over 50 licensed aircraft and the allÐnew Wingman Command.


  • Dogfight and divebomb your way through one of the most thrilling, whiteÐknuckled air combat games ever created.
  • Introducing Wingman Command: control your entire squadron inÐflight.
  • Issue orders and coordinate group attacks. Your splitÐsecond decisions determine mission success or failure.
  • Intriguing story spanning over 30 missions makes Ace Combat 5 bigger and better than ever before.
  • Ace Combat 5 redefines realistic graphics in console air combat. Enjoy vividly rendered aircraft, exquisitely detailed environments, realÐtime weather effects and dynamic lighting. Stunning CG cinematics complement the epic storyline.
  • Features over 50 unique, realÐworld planes with selectable color schemes.
  • Multiple game modesÑincluding the immensely popular Campaign ModeÑand loads of unlockable content for hours of additional flying excitement.

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User Review

The Legacy of Ace Combat Can Be Summed Up In This Game

We all want to be heroes in some point in our lives. With Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, you can become the hero. With an engaging, amazing, yet easy to follow and remarkable storyline, Ace Combat 5 really delivers. I am writing this in 2010, and the game was made in 2004. Six years later, I would still play this game over and over again. You start out as a young rookie, and then progress to become the ultimate hero in the skies, with your team of wingmen, and wingwoman. The wingmen feature is what makes the game. You feel that they are flying right along with you, and your entire team is defending the world in the name of freedom and peace. Protect the skies, with a remarkable selection of Aircraft, and as far as the graphics go; they may be 6 years old, but can still be compared to games today. After all, once you make a game real looking, you really can't get realer than real itself. Fly over 30 missions, and 27 stages. Finally, once you play the game and become a hero of the skies, you will understand that it's not war that changes us. It's the choices we make to do whats right. It's the inner being we find within oursleves that makes us who we are, in a game, and in real life.

With much respect to the Deamons of Razgriz!

I like this one

I do better with flying games than fast action. I did not receive a book but it was not too difficult to find the controls on line. Like all action games, towards the middle, it gets repetitive.

Hands down one of THE best games ever.

I've had this game for a long time...ever since it came out actually..and i still play it. It's probably one of the best titles for the PS2. I also have Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, its nowhere near as good as this game. First off, amazing gameplay. You start out as a trainee and then you become a captain of your own squadron. You can control your wingman by giving them 4 commands: Cover your six, to attack enemies in front of you, disperse to attack any enemies (and the are usually alot of them), and to use their special weapons that differ from plane to plane which adds some variety. You can choose from over 80 planes (after you unlock them all) and use them to fly over 25 missions. Now I don't know if this would be a plus or minus for some people, but each aircraft has usually 50-82 missiles. I think it's a definite good thing because each mission has over 30 air and ground targets and you will definitly need them. Another great thing about this game is the storyline. It has one of the best storylines to any game I have ever played. Its full of tradegy, twists, and all that good stuff. There maybe one or two things I kinda didnt get but no big deal. The graphics are great for the PS2, however the terrain and environments aren't the best but not bad. The missions will definetly challenge you. But the trick is to listen to what your wingmen say, checking your map, and speed. Those three things will definetly help you succeed. This is definetly the best game for the PS2 and from Namco.

Talk about the storyline

I'm a big fan of Ace combat games. I played AC4 since its release in 2001 and fell in love with it. Then in 2005, I purchased AC5 on its first day of release. There are some differences between these two games released on PS2. AC4 has the most realistic graphics of all time but AC5 feels a little bit cartoonish. However, I had more fun playing the 5th game than I did in AC4. I was deeply attracted by its storyline. I learned the war between Osea and Yuktobania wasn't started by the Yuke Prime Minister Nikanor, there were evils behind all this. I became emotional when wathcing Kestrel sunk and the two leaders of both countries shaking hands and say "the war is now over". Now I'm interested in knowing what happened to Belka 15 years prior AC5 was kinda sad. They used 7 nuclear bombs on their own land and destroyed 7 of their cities from what I've read. It's time to play ACzero.

The music are awesome, they fit every single situation in cutscenes and missions. Looks like Keiki Kobayashi and his sound team really took time making these music. On one mission when Chopper crashed into the stadium, the music became sad, and I felt the strong emotion after "losing" him. I thought Razgriz doesn't deserve a captain like me. Well, everything was scripted and Chopper has to die anyway.

AC5 seems to be the only game that is worth to be honored. I love it, and Namco too. Well done.

It's a nice game

I bought this game "used like new" it cost ten bucks less than a new one and it worth it. I was shocked about how fast the game was delivered.

New planes, more missions (30 the number 4 has 18), it has a good story about a rookie pilot

It is for one player only
The menu is a little confused

Additional info for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War


Incredible action as you dogfight and divebomb your way through over 30 white-knuckle missions

Amazing new Wingman Command feature - Control your entire squadron in flight -- issue orders and coordinate group attacks in a split second

Stunning CG effects advance the intriguing storyline, as you rest between missions in hangars, ground bases and on aircraft carriers

Choose from more than 50 unique, real-world fighter jets with selectable color schemes

Multiple game modes and loads of unlockable content, including the immensely popular Campaign Mode -- for hours of flying excitement